Friday, May 30, 2014

A Dream I had about my aunt

I was dreaming one night years ago. I followed a person into a room where I saw my Aunt Steph giving birth to a baby girl. I woke up and had to tell her about my dream. Two years later she was pregnant. 9 month after that she had a baby girl. Now I listen to my dreams they guide me. Most of my domain names come from dream. The reason we dream is the brain has to organize our subconscious thoughts in order. It is the way to keep us from over loading our brain. If you listen an act on these dream they become stronger just like a muscle. I hope this information will help someone somewhere.

Tell us about your dreams of Angels

How this all came to be. One night I was dreaming of Angels I woke up. I had to buy the domain I was not going to at first but I had just enough money in my bank account to buy it so I had to. I want to make it since in my dream I was prompted to buy it. I felt so strong about it I wanted to help others make sense of their dreams. Hopefully we can help each other and choose the right path. I want to read your stories they help me understand life. Thank you,